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    What are dental implants?

    Dental implants are a long-term and permanent teeth replacement option. They can help you chew properly, smile without embarrassment and support removable dentures. 


    How do I know whether dental implants are really for me?

    Missing Teeth

    Missing teeth caused by trauma or because of genetics can cause obvious gaps between teeth.


    Gaps Between Teeth

    Spaces between teeth can cause noticeable gaps that might look unsightly.


    Denture Replacements

    Dental implants can support a sturdy support to removable dentures.


    Dental Implant Costs

    Dental Implants
    Cost Breakdown


    Dental Surgeon Fees

    Lab Costs

    Implant Materials

    Operation Complexity


    Dental implants can become costly mistakes

    How do I prevent costly dental implant mistakes?

    Find an experienced dental surgeon

    An experienced dental surgeon will advise you against procedures that are not suitable for you.

    Ask about the treatment process

    Find out whether the dental implant process is suitable for your lifestyle and timeline.

    Ask for previous case studies

    Previous dental implants work done is always the best showcase of the dental surgeon’s capabilities.

    Look for previous patient testimonials

    Seeing the testimonials of many satisfied patients is a good showcase of what your dental surgeon can help you achieve.

    Why choose Elite Dental Group?

    We do not recommend unnecessary procedures.

    We are trained to work with fear of pain and anxiety.

    We always work to meet your budget and needs.

    We ensure that your dental implant experience is free from discomfort.

    We do not overpromise and underdeliver results.

    With an approval rating of 4.8 stars on Google, and more than 8,500 patients served since 2013, Elite Dental Group is committed to preventing our patients from potential dental disasters. 

    A Consultation With Our Dental Implants Doctor

    Dr Gerald Tan, Dental Surgeon at Elite Dental Group

    Dr Gerald Tan has served more than 1000 dental implant cases and has more than 20 years of experience performing surgery on simple to complex cases. 

    Non-obligatory consultation 

    Showcase of previous dental implants work

    Treatment options summary

    Step 1: Detailed consultation

    An indepth consultation includes X-rays and high-res photos to determine your oral health condition and suitability.

    Step 3: Financing options

    Financing options are discussed with you based on your treatment plan and budget.

    Step 2: Treatment plan

    A treatment plan is determined based on the condition of your oral health and needs.

    Step 4: Appointment set

    The next appointment to begin your dental implants journey is set based on your availability.

    Still interested in dental implants?

    Book an appointment with a trusted doctor to find out more about your suitability for dental implants as a teeth replacement option.

      Dental implants at just $300 a month with 12-months interest-free repayments.


      How do I know whether I am suitable for dental implants?

      Dental implants are suitable for you if you meet the following conditions:

      • No presence of gum disease
      • Are a healthy individual
      • Have adequate bone in the area that you intend to place dental implants
      • Do not have any bite conditions
      • Are not taking long-term medications
      • Are not taking blood thinning medications

      We highly recommend heading to an experienced dentist to evaluate your suitability for the dental implants procedure.


      Why are dental implants so expensive?

      The cost of dental implants are highly reliant on the following factors:

      • Skill of the dental surgeon
      • The complexity of the dental implant case
      • The brand of dental implants used during the procedure
      • The material of the dental implant
      • The costs of the lab fees to model the crown and shape it to your needs

      As dental implant cases require a lot of technical skill and expertise, the costs of implants are more expensive than other dental procedures. To get a good estimate on the costs required for your needs or find out whether you are suitable for dental implants, book a consultation with us.

      How much do dental implants typically cost?

      The costs of dental implants can range from SGD2,000 – SGD6,000 before Medisave subsidy. The costs can vary depending on the following factors:

      • How experienced the dental surgeon is
      • How complex the dental implant case is
      • The brand and material of the implant used

      Dental implants can be a huge financial decision, especially when multiple dental implants are required. Before splurging on dental implants, it might be wise to book a consultation to find out whether you are suitable for dental implants.

      Is there a dental implant specialist that I can go to?

      There is no such thing as a dental implant specialist. The closest that you will get to a specialist, is a dental surgeon who has gone for rigorous two-years postgrad implantology training from the Faculty of Dentistry, NUS. To find a dental surgeon who can fit your needs and requirements, it is highly recommended to do the following:

      • Look out for the qualifications of the dental surgeon. Has the dental surgeon undergone training to do dental implants?
      • Look out for the experience of the dental surgeon. Has the dental surgeon been performing implant surgery for months or years?
      • Ask for previous dental implants cases that the dental surgeon has performed. Do they meet your expectations?

      Dental implant surgery should not be taken lightly. A good dental implant surgeon will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the care and final results that you expect.

      How long does the dental implant procedure take?

      The duration of the dental implant procedure is dependent on the complexity of the procedure, whether the patient needs bone grafting, and the general health condition of the patient. 


      How long do dental implants last?

      Your dental implants are designed and created to be a permanent teeth replacement solution. However, while the implant itself is designed to be permanent, the crown that is attached to it might need to be replaced from normal wear and tear. The lifespan will depend on the following factors:


      • Your oral hygiene
      • Your dental maintenance habits
      • Your consumption habits

      Can I remove my mini dental implants for dental implants?

      Yes, it is possible to remove your mini dental implants if they have failed. Failed mini dental implants can be due to the following reasons:

      • Surgical incompetence
      • Infection
      • Unsuccessful osseointegration period
      • Too much movement during the healing process
      • Too much force on the implant
      • Loose implant

      If you suspect that your mini dental implants have failed, book a consultation with us to address them as soon as possible.

      How do I book an appointment with Elite Dental Group?

      You can book a non-obligatory consultation with Dr Gerald Tan at Elite Dental Group via our clinic number or through our WhatsApp.

      All enquiries and booking appointments will be responded to within 24 hours.

      Can I use insurance or Medisave for my dental implants treatment?

      Yes you can!

      You are able to claim Medisave for up to SGD1,250 per tooth. To view the terms and conditions, find out more here.

      Should you be on a corporate dental plan, do let us know so that we can advise you on the maximum amount of claims you can file for.

      Elite Dental Group also accepts corporate flexi-payments. To find out more about the payment modes that we accept, check out this page or drop us a WhatsApp text.

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